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Single Loop Controllers

process controllerBibb Control Systems distributes single loop controllers from Powers and Shinko. These are designed to control any analog process (temperature, pressure, flow level, etc.) in batch and continuous processes.

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Powers 535 Single Loop Controller


1/32 DIN Controllers
FCL Series 1/32 DIN
JCL Series Ramp/Soak

1/16 DIN Controllers
ACS-13A Series 1/16 DIN
JCS Series 1/16 DIN

1/8 DIN Controllers

JCR Series 1/8 DIN
ACR Series 1/8 DIN

1/4 DIN Controllers

JCD Series 1/4 DIN
ACD Series 1/4 DIN

Dual Input Controllers
WCS Series 1/16 DIN

DIN Rail Mounting Controllers

DCL Series DIN Rail Mounting
NCL Slimeline Series

Limit Controllers
JCS Series 1/16 DIN
JCD Series 1/4 DIN
DCL Series DIN Rail Mounting

Programmable Controllers

PC-990 Programmable
PCD-300 Programmable
OMR Programmer